Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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For further assistance you may contact us using one of the contact us options. If you were covered by Travel/Medical Insurance at the time of your treatment, please complete and submit the Insurance Submission Form
If you are responsible for paying for your treatment yourself, then please follow the payment instructions in the letter you received from us or contact us to discuss your invoice further.
Please contact us through one of the listed contact us options and we will guide you through this process so you can send your payment directly to the hospital that treated you.
In most cases we only deal with the main hospital invoice but we do work for some Physicians, Ambulance & Radiology groups. Please contact us using one of the contact us options and we will be happy to discuss your case with you and see how we can help.
For further information on payment by paypal please contact us.
Yes, please contact us directly for us to advise further.
Yes, please Contact Us and we will assist you further.
Please contact us and we will advise and assist you in settling your bill as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.
Sí, por favor llame a nuestro número de teléfono y uno de nuestros representantes le atenderá en Castellano.
Oui, s'il vous plaît appeler le numéro principal et vous serez mis en relation avec un associé qui parle Français.
Ja, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns über die Hauptnummer und Sie werden mit einem Deutsch sprechenden Mitarbeiter verbunden.
Да, они называют основной номер нашего, вы будете соединены с кем-то, кто говорит по-русски
כן, אנא התקשר למספר הראשי של משרדינו ושיחתך תועבר לדובר עיברית.
Vi preghiamo di contattare il nostro numero principale per essere connesso con qualcuno che parli Italiano
Ja, var god ring vårt huvudnummer så kommer vi koppla dig till någon som talar svenska.
نعم, الرجاء الاتصال على رقم الهاتف الرئيسي, وسوف يتم تحويل المكالمة الى احد المختصين الذين يتكلمون العربية